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Since I have been working in the afternoons nearly everyday of the week so far this summer the only time I have to cook for myself has been breakfast. Usually I am not a huge fan of breakfast. At school it was either cereal or an omelette of what ever I had in the fridge. But lately I have been on a egg kick and been trying different combos of bread, egg, and whatever I have in the fridge. This morning I hit a winner though with an open faced sandwich.

The sorrel in my garden was looking good this morning so I used that as a starting point. I also had some garlic scapes. But now what to turn that into. Looking around the kitchen I noticed a loaf of Portuguese bread my mom had bought on the counter and looking into the fridge for something to give it flavor I found ‘nduja and fresh ricotta.

So I mixed the ‘nduja, garlic scapes, and ricotta together and heated it up. Then I sauteed mushrooms before frying the eggs. I layer the sorrel, mushrooms, eggs, then ricotta mixture on top of the bread. It was fucking awesome.


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Ever since I saw Daniel Klein make eggs and radishes in episode 9 of The Perennial Plate I have wanted to recreate it. So the other day while I was down at The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) to fill out my paper work to fully enroll in the August classes, oh yeah did I mention I am starting culinary school in August?, I stopped into Eataly for the first time. This is where I noticed one of my favorite underrated vegetables, radishes, and not just the normal grocery store kind but the petite tasty French breakfast radishes. Instantly I thought to caramelize them with slow cooked eggs like I had seen Daniel do.

So the next morning for breakfast that was my plan. I cracked three eggs into a pan with a chuck of butter and put it on low on the stove, mixing it around to slightly scramble the egg. Then in another pan I got some more butter and started to cook my radishes. Then made myself a quick vinaigrette to put on the limited sorrel my garden has produced.

I put the radishes over the eggs over some toast, I was hoping to have nicer bread but all we had in the house was crappy whole wheat, but it worked.

Daniel was right, the eggs were amazing. I usually hate scrambled eggs, even down to the smell. But these were awesome. I did over cook them a bit and next time I will keep them a bit runny. But awesome, another way to use to all mighty egg.

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For breakfast the other day I whipped this up, some fried guanciale, eggs over easy, and polenta. Delicious but pretty salty from the guanciale.

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A Light Snack

My History of Food class is going to ruin my study habits. Reading about food all day just wants me to cook and eat. Then when Anthony Bourdain is hanging out with molecular gastronomers on his show, that I flipped on during a study break, I had to get into the kitchen. Rummaging around in the fridge as if it were the mystery basket on Chopped I pull out beets, eggs, fennel, onions, and a Florida avocado. So here is what I came up with.

An avocado puree with dried mint, pink peppercorns, and Korean garlic. Sautéed fennel and onion. Julienned raw beets. A poached egg. A beet reduction with a hint of rosemary (which I made out of boredom the other night) to add even more bright color to the dish.

It was so good, so cool, so colorful, so new. The flavors were so new to me. I did things I had never done before. Fucked around with ingredients I am just starting to understand. And started to make cool plate designs, as sloppy as they are.

If cleaned up how gorgeous would that be?!

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This morning a woke up slightly hung over, had a Memorial Day BBQ and haven’t drank in a while, so I needed something to knock that down. Sticking my head in the fridge to look for something to make I quickly spotted eggs, an obvious choice. Now what else? Guacamole, that’ll work. Goat cheese, nice. Then I got a crazy idea. I spotted a bag of chicken innards my mom had saved for me from two chickens we roasted the other night and they had two plump livers in them. With some onions those would go great in my omelette, plus the iron and B vitamins in them would quickly wake me up.

So into my omelette went chicken livers, red onion, and cilantro. Then I stuffed it with goat cheese and guacamole. To be honest the flavors were not as strong as I was expecting and the goat cheese covered up the taste of almost everything else in there, even the cilantro was dulled. But I was a big fan of the guacamole in there. It goes great with eggs.

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Last night I was feeling ambitious so I woke up early this morning to attempt a feet that stumps even the most experienced of chefs; Hollandaise sauce. The night before I had read through both Michael Rulhman’s Ratio and The New Professional Chef‘s versions of the sauce (which was identical) to understand how to make it before diving right in. So I got all my ingredients ready and weighed then started to make the sauce. This is where I messed up. I believe my problem was that the egg yolks ended up cooking a little which gave me some scrambled eggs in the mix. Though I had read how to fix a broken sauce in the books it was of no use at this point. I tried to whip in my butter and it actually looked a little like Hollandaise sauce but I still had over half of my butter left which I continued to add. This just made it worse and when I tried it it just tasted like clarified butter. I was beaten and was not about to start over because I had already used almost three sticks of butter and five eggs. So I just went on and made what I was hoping the sauce would have topped, poached eggs and asparagus, plus some sautéed pearl onions I found in the fridge at the last minute.

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If you haven’t noticed I get bored really fast. Once I have had something I want it a different way. It is nearly impossible for me to cook normally. I always need to try something new and strange. So last night I realized I was out of cereal so I had to concoct something for breakfast. It takes me about on hour just to wake up, shower, and drink my coffee so I had to prep my whole meal the night before so that all I had to do was cook it fast through half closed eyes right after waking up. So I started with a pretty classic base, eggs, but then I saw something in the fridge that no normal person would think to use; mayonnaise.

It just looked so lonely sitting in the bottom of the fridge. I rarely make sandwiches so it hardly ever gets used. This is where I had a crazy idea; add it to the egg mixture. Mayo is just oil and eggs anyway. People use it in baking why couldn’t I use it in breakfast? So I scrambled the eggs then attempted to add the mayo which was neglecting to mix with the eggs. It was forming lumps in the mixture. But through some vigorous whipping I got it almost evenly mixed.

The next morning I cooked the scrambled eggs with onions and asparagus then topped it with imported provolone and capers. It was delicious! I think that it was really all the other stuff that made it delicious, the capers and provolone blew me away. But the structure and texture of the eggs were different than usual. Not sure if it was the mayo or just the vigorous whipping to get the mayo into the mixture. This will require further investigation which I am more than happy to do.

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